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A Personal Note:

Just a note to say hello and thanks to all of you that have supported me in all of my many endeavors. A special thanks to GOD for blessing me with so many gifts and talents. I hope and pray that the publications featured on this site will bring you joy and peace. May they comfort you and inspire you. Life is a journey and I thank God for this journey. The good times as well as the not so good. 

What a blessing to have worked with so many people in my life. The adults as well as the children, all races, gender, economical background and religions. I never expected to become an Author because I thought I had only one gift. But when unforeseen circumstances occured in my life, I stumbled across a gift within me that was bursting to come out. 

So my friend, I truly hope and pray that you will enjoy each and every word.  Words from my heart to your heart

Thank you GOD for the journey!.... May God Bless Each and Everyone Of You.

Parris Lane